VK5RKN the two metre repeater between Kingston and Robe

Mt Benson (37.0327S, 139.8114E)
147.375 MHz output and 147.975 MHz input
Link to The Bluff on 430.475 MHz

The Kingston repeater has been moved from the Kingston township to Mt Benson (70metres ASL) between Kingston and Robe.

VK5RKN is now a duplex repeater with a UHF link to VK5RMG at the Bluff.
Mt Benson is really just a small hill but thanks to the flat nature of the South East’s terrain it provides very good coverage.

Tony VK5ZAI installed the antennas on 25th September 2007. The final ‘test’ installation was completed 16 October 2007.

Jill providing assistance for the tower raising.

Due to the Forestry SA lookout tower being pulled down for maintenance, the Mount Benson repeater was off air for a while. During this time, local club member Tony VK5ZAI arranged a mast and reinstated the repeater off the fire watch tower and onto the side of the repeater hut.
Performance has been such that remains in this location even after the Forestry SA tower was restored to it’s location. Tony’s XYL Jill assisted in the installation of the tower.
The club is grateful for the efforts of Tony and Jill.

Tony VK5ZAI doing the balancing trick

VK5RKN covers the Robe Kingston area and up to about 40km north of Kingston. Mount Benson is not very high but it is the highest point for many kilometres so enjoys reasonable coverage and complements our other linked installations.

The finished VK5RKN at Mt Benson.  From top to bottom:
Three receiver cavities 3 with TX notch plus one small one with a pager notch. TX two cavities with RX notch. The repeater is a Tait unit and operates 147.375 MHz/147.975 MHz positive shift

VK5RKN on Mt Benson

The link transmitter is a TAIT 70cm unit.
Power supplies and Sam the guard dog, Tony VK5ZAI’s mate.

An early working bee with Bill VK5FWEJ left, Col VK5DK centre and Tony VK5ZAI right at the working bee to complete installation. Kevin VK5NKJ behind camera.