At last Friday’s Activity Meeting President Peter, VK5BE, made the Award Presentations that he was unable to make at the A.G.M. because he was elsewhere.

He derived a great deal of pleasure in awarding the Roy Goodwin Award to Nick, VK5NJS, for his outstanding contributions to the Club over the last twelve months.

Nick has been very much involved in getting the Mount Richmond Repeater Site infrastructure built and installed, (and almost ready to be commissioned), as well as helping out with various car rallies and other projects.

His efforts have proved to be invaluable to the Club.

Next up was The President’s Trophy.

After a lot of head scratching a clear winner emerged in the form of Tim, VK5AV.

Tim has helped many Club Members in obtaining a brand new Amateur Licence and Call Sign over the years and has gone “Over and above” in making new members feel relaxed and welcome.

A thoroughly well deserved Award.

We congratulate Nick and Tim on their efforts.

Well done.

Visit to Mt Richmond 31/8/23

On August 31st, Peter VK5BE and Nick VK5NJS made another trip to Mount Richmond.

This time, with the aid of a 15m cherry picker, generously supplied by Baxter Hire, they removed all the old obsolete antennas from the top of the disused Victoria Police tower and installed the new SERG antennas for the linked 2m repeater.

A dual stacked folded dipole array for the 2m repeater together with a 16 element yagi for the 70cm link were installed on a new support pole that was attached to the existing tower.

As the old existing coaxial cables tested faulty, new cables were installed & tested OK. Brief testing was done over the path from The Bluff to Mount Richmond using the new antennas with results better than expected.

Further work is still to be done in the coming weeks to complete the cabling from the tower to the Tx hut, followed by the installation and commissioning of the repeater itself.

Thanks go to Tim VK3TIM for his ongoing support for this project.

Nick removing the old antennas
Nick has installed the 2M antenna (top) and the link to The Bluff (bottom)

Peter checked the link to The Bluff (VK5RMG) successfully with 5W and also worked The Bluff via the 2M antenna.

Progress at Mt Richmond 26/6/23

Another very successful visit to Mount Richmond today.

  • Solar panel mounting frame completed and set to the “winter” position.
  • Solar panels wired in a series/parallel configuration, with isolating diodes.
  • Mini-rack placed into position and batteries installed.
  • New solar controller installed and tested OK.

Photos attached showing progress.

Both the 2m repeater antenna, plus the 70cm link yagi now left on site for the riggers.

Still a few minor low priority tasks still to be completed before final commissioning, but all is now ready to deploy the repeater once the antennas are installed.

Peter VK5BE

Solar panels on adjustable mount
Power supply (includes low voltage cutout)

Rally on 27th May 2023

Thanks to all that assisted with the combined Clubs car rally on May 27th. With a total 26 cars entered, everyone was kept busy keeping Rally Control informed of all the cars’ locations and their issues. Thanks to Tim VK5AV, Col VK5HCF, Lyndon VK5LRB and Nick, Greg and Gabi VK5ZGY, and Andrew VK5VKC

The weather was not too cold, and luckily the rain held off until after midnight, when it bucketed down.

James VK3JBM brought along his “Vehicle Tracking System” which greatly assisted those in Rally Control to track the location of a number of cars. This system is still being developed, but showed huge potential.

A demonstration of his system is planned at an Activity Night in the near future.

The Club’s portable 2m repeater was deployed on a hill in the Myora Forest as communications in the rally area have, in the past, proved difficult, but this time it worked a treat.

The next Rally is not scheduled until September 9th.

Peter VK5BE

The vehicle tracking system in Rally Control
Peter VK5BE (Comms) and Andrew VK5VKC (Tracking)
Portable car tracking repeater

Letter from ACMA re licensing

Assessors received the following letter from the Australian Maritime College of the Uni of Tasmania. The AMC holds the deed for certain amateur services.The move to Class Licensing has led to a decision by AMC to remove their involvement from 2024.

As a result the ACMA will take over functions and continue to use volunteer assessors. In our club that’s currently Tim VK5AV and John VK5DJ.

The attached file is one sent to all assessors. It explains the new proposal in greater detail but be aware that this must go to public consultation before the new processes can be introduced. The letter explains this.

on behalf of SERG assessors

Working bee at Mt Richmond

1/5/23 – Peter VK5BE and Nick travelled to Mount Richmond to install the newly constructed steel work on the bunker wall that will support the 4 solar panels.

Firstly, an off-set support frame was attached to the bunker wall, then a tilting solar panel mounting frame was attached. The frame tilts to the optimum positions for maximum efficiency for either summer or winter.

During the next site visit, it is hoped the 4 solar panels will be mounted and cabled into the hut.

Nick hard at work welding up the frames

Low antenna at VK5RSE Mt Graham Repeater

The VK5RSE repeater is currently running on a low antenna – about one metre above the hut. In addition it is below the height of two nearby buildings in the direction of Mt Gambier and Millicent. Signals will be down. It may still be OK towards Kingston and Naracoorte.

This is an experiment to check if the clicks appearing on transmissions into the 2 metre repeater are a result of antenna fault. We also know that the SWR is very high (4:1) and the antenna analyser is coming up with some strange readings. The bottom line is that we’ll need to replace the main antenna. For the moment this temporary setup will confirm the clicks are coming from the main antenna.

I have had to reduce the power out of the repeater to prevent the desense resulting from having an antenna within 4 metres of the repeater.

John VK5DJ : repeater coordinator

Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum Visit. Saturday 1st. April 2023.

Following the presentation of John VK5JA (sk) home brew equipment at our last Activity Night, the club had a day-time excursion to visit the Port MacDonnell Maritime Museum, where more for John’s home brew equipment was on display.

The tour guide was Trevor, son of VK5JA, who gave a very informative tour of the museum. After 2 hours, it was closing time, & there was still more to see, so some will need to plan a return visit one day.

For those who were unable to attend, may I recommend this display as one of the best of its kind.More information about the museum can be found here.

Port MacDonnell & District Maritime Museum | Grant District Council (

Some of the assembled Multitude.


  • Ian, VK5NBL, has kindly researched the current cost of Club clothing items from Hip Pocket here in Mount Gambier. Thank you Ian.
  • BUCKET HAT. (Style 3929) HiVis. Approx. $15.00 ea
  • BASEBALL STYLE CAPS. $17.60 ea. (Includes cost of Logo)
  • POLO FLEECE. $21.95. (Cost of Monogram is extra)
  • HAT BAND. $5.50. (Cost of Monogram is extra)

Ideally we should all have the same design and colour for Club clothing as it does not look very good if we are all wearing different colours and designs.

Trevor, VK5NC’s Funeral service Live Stream.

A small group of S.E.R.G. Club Members assembled in our Clubrooms to watch the live Stream of Trevor, VK5NC’s Funeral Service.

The service commenced on time and was a very quiet and dignified, yet simple, service as befitted the man.

Present, in no particular order, were Dale, VK5DA, (very kindly bought along by Gary, VK5JR), Chris, VK5MC and Josie, Colin, VK5DK, Tom, VK5EE, Owen, VK5HOS, David, VK5DG, Ian, VK5NBL and Col, VK5HCF.

Club President, Peter, VK5BE, had intended to be there but was called away for work and, unfortunately, was not able to attend. No doubt many watched from the comfort of their homes as Trevor was a very well liked and highly respected man.

Anyone who missed the service may do so at any time in the next 90 days by scrolling down to the post with the link on it and clicking on the link.