Members note

The Convention Committee has decided that we’ll set up the hall at 6:30PM on Friday 10th June 2022. The Scouts will have brought in the tables and chairs.

The Naracoorte club will be sleeping over in the hall on Saturday night.

As the tables will be populated on Sunday morning (Convention Sunday only) it’s unlikely there will be equipment to watch over.

Don’t forget to book your Sunday night dinner (see convention page) ASAP. Bookings by 3/6/22 to

Sandy needs numbers for catering purposes, please help by getting your booking in. Date extended to 3/6/22.

We’re still looking for volunteers. It’s time for a whole club effort, especially at catering times: Lunch 9:45AM to 2:15PM (open for business 10-2) and for the evening dinner.

AREG balloon experiments

Yesterday 7/5/22 AREG launched another balloon. This time with a camera and telemetry.

For those interested in hearing these balloons listen on about 434.2MHz for the digital telemetry and if you have a vertical beam point it at about 330 degrees (Millicent as the starting point) towards where most of the balloons are launched near Mt Barker. If you want to decode the balloons you’ll need a 64bit Windows machine and a copy of Horus-binary. See here for download. If you’re using a USB connection from your rig you’ll need to change some settings in your radio to activate USB audio.

If you want to see if your decodes are getting through you’ll need to go to this site using your browser. If you are decoding and sending data you will see an antenna symbol at your location on the map and a green line from the balloon to you. You’ll also see your callsign appear in the list on the left along with your signal report (automatically included in your data uploads).

A view from 40,000 metres. Received photo on 7/5/22 by VK5QI, Mark Jessop

Well done to Mark and his team at AREG. Saturday’s balloon reached a record height of over 40,200m for an Australian amateur balloon. Yes, the Earth is a sphere despite what some believe.

Rally 23 April 2022

Big thanks to the team from SERG that provided the comms for Round 1 of the SEAC rally series. We proved our worth once again in delivering a first class comms network that was able to resolve every issue in the event very rapidly. Thanks to Colin VK5DK, Col VK5HCF, Tim VK5AV, Norbert VK5MQ, Hans VK5PHS, Andrew VK5VKC, Owen VK5HOS and a huge thanks to James VK3JBM for making the trip down from Horsham to assist with the event.

President Peter VK5BE (in Race Control)

May be an image of 2 people and indoor
Our leader in action

Photos lost from website

I’m not sure what has happened but we seem to have lost the photographs in some sections of the website. I’ll try to gradually replace these but some may be lost forever.

In case we have too much in our media library I am also deleting old information. It might be we overloaded the media library. I don’t really know.


Lottery Tickets

A reminder for club members that lottery tickets are available until latish in February. Here’s your chance to win big. The club gets all the proceeds.

Click here for the link to the community lottery.

If I win a car I’ll donate $1000 to the club

Website down

The website has been down for a couple of days. This was caused by the automatic update of the news ticker (the plugin that puts the crawler on the front page).
The author has corrected with an update and all seems to be working again.

Happy New Year to you all.

SERG at the Legend of the Lakes Hillclimb

Now that the tyre smoke has cleared & the dust has settled, the 2021 Trident Tyres Legend of the Lakes Hillclimb has been run & won (by Dan Day again). From a SERG perspective, it was one of the best we have ever been involved with. Our team of volunteers worked tirelessly during the long days in some unfriendly weather conditions at times, providing the excellent comms required for the safe management of the event.

Our TV coverage again was one of the best ever, performing faultlessly throughout the event.We can all hold our heads high with pride knowing what we have just achieved.

We are planning to hold a de-brief as part of this Friday’s activity night at our Clubrooms. Please come along if you wish to contribute to the discussion.

Well done everybody, your very proud President, Peter VK5BE

The Start Line with Tim VK5AV ready for the call
The club’s video suite

Norbert’s work Sunday 17/10/21

Norbert VK5MQ visited The Bluff UHF repeater on Sunday to do some final installation work.

Here is the information he sent me the next day:

“The rack was slightly rearranged to accommodate the extra power supply.

The two x 6V 200Ah batteries, although outside the rack, don’t seem to get in the way when working at the back. Probably because the adjacent rack is deeper.

I did notice that the newly installed power supply has a dodgy mains power switch, so I used the power point switch to turn it on and off once this was noticed. I’ll try and source a replacement switch.

The C4FM repeater coaxial cable to the cavity was replaced with RG-214, found the perfect length cable at home.

Repeater tail final setting ended up at 500mS (I think) and of course 91.5Hz tone on repeater transmission.”

There were two important software changes.
(1) a tail of 500ms is now on the repeater when it is operated using FM. This helps non digital users know when they have accessed the repeater.
(2) a CTCSS of 91.5Hz has been put on the transmitter. This means that if you don’t want to hear the hiss of digital noise on your analogue radio just set your receiver to require a CTCSS tone. You’ll see your S meter increase when digital signals are on but won’t be bothered by the noise.

The new power supply installed at bottom replacing the old TAIT. Thank you Leith VK5FLAR for the unit. The power supply auto switches between AC power and in the event of a power failure the battery (200 AmpHr). The YAESU Fusion repeater is centre.

Avoiding the digital noise

Some of our members may not have a digital radio and like to monitor for Echolink on the UHF repeater. Norbert was on site today and he has set the new repeater to put out 91.5 when transmitting FM.

Here’s how to fix the problem with digital noise on your standard FM receiver.

All you need do is adjust your radio so that it uses Tone Squelch of 91.5 which means your radio only opens its mute if it hears 91.5Hz.
This is the opposite of putting tone on the transmitter. So no more noisy signals, Your radio will be nice and silent when the digital signals are on because there is no tone being put out by the repeater. You’ll need to make sure your radio behaves differently on UHF, otherwise you won’t hear the 2M repeater.

If there is an FM signal through the UHF repeater it inserts the 91.5HZ onto its transmission and your mute opens. Nifty heh!

You as a FM user won’t be able to talk until there is a gap in the repeater of course. But that’s no different from what normally happens. You’ll know when there’s a digital signal because your S meter will be hard over with no sound.