Results Fox hunting and Convention 2024

What  a great turn up of people from local areas, Adelaide, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Andrew VK5MAS tidies the lawn

I think everyone appreciated the tables on display and many left home with some goodies tucked under the arm. A special thank you to new businesses representing Icom (Elite Comms), Yaesu (VL radio) and Appvision. The latter company donated a superb spectrum analyser with tracking generator. The lucky winner was the XYL of Barry (VK5CB). Congratulations, there were many envious gamblers on Sunday evening.

As usual, the convention dinner catered by Sandy and her crew of helpers was a huge success. Thanks go to all the helpers from breakfast through to the night’s end.

The clubs’ tables were also a popular stopover and a chat with old and new friends made the day.

The Home Brew Competition attracted 8 entries.

Greg VK5ZGY earned the top gong for his ‘oh heck the pump ran all night’ detector. Greg was having a problem with leaks causing the bore pump to run and wasting power. Greg developed a simple device to detect the field around the AC power wires and operate a LED to indicate the pump was being run.

Paul, VK5ZT made a very professional power supply to charge a range of devices.

Matt VK3PP exhibited a 23cm septum feed demonstrated some nifty folding of aluminium and creation of the stepped matching and two dipoles for right and left circular polarisation.

Darian VK3DGP showed a 70cm 3 element yagi  and modified radiosonde.

Mark VK5AVQ showed a three element yagi with offset feed.

From Bruce VK3TJN came a light weight control stand designed for a person to carry rather than the heavy commercial devices.

Rod, VK3FAB showed his skill at screen printing a VK3FAB shirt.

All the above had the choice of prizes. The next two presenters were not included in the prizes because one was a commercial product and the other a judge’s effort with prototyping. Mark, VK5AVQ a frequency synthesiser designed around a raspberry Pi and John VK5DJ’s prototyping board for a PIC based control of a si5351 and AD9850 synthesiser boards.

The fox hunters gather for presentations

The foxhunting results have been provided by Andrew VK5KET.


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