Convention results 2019

Home Brew competition 2019

Chris VK5MC reports:

There were 5 entries this year

  1. Bruce VK3TJN presented a software defined radio for fox hunting. Versatile for frequency spotting and band changing. Very good documentation
  2. Bruce VK3TJN showed a switched horizontal/vertical 4 element quad beam for 2 metres
  3. Jack VK3WWW showed a FSRX 2 M direction finding receiver with a unique estimation of the distance to the fox.
  4. Robin VK5TN presented his omni directional loops. there were two versions – a halo with gamma match and an M2 HO version with stub matching.
  5. VK5SR a 432 SSPA modified TV transmitter. Wilkinson splitter for input and a 4 way power combiner for output. Used RG174 teflon coax.

Results of foxhunts reported by Andrew VK5KET

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