Convention 2023

It all happened on the King’s Birthday Weekend in June. The Australian Fox Hunting Championship (Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th). Hall convention on Sunday 11th only. As per last year the hall opening was one day with tables, catering and the convention dinner.

The fox hunting competitions are shown below. Andrew VK5KET led this important part of the program. Results are on a separate page as a drop down item in the menu..

Convention correspondence worked through:

A huge thank you goes to all the helpers who assisted with the planning and testing of fox sites, the transporting of gear to the Scout Headquarters, the numerous organisational things that had to be done including tracking bookings, purchase of prizes, arranging the Scout Hall, gathering goods and so on. A huge effort. A special big thank you goes to Sandy for her catering for breakfast lunch and dinner and her merry band of cake and slice makers, and of course the dishwashers. A great effort by all.

We also acknowledge the traders on their tables and the people who supported them.

Special recognition to Ross from Strictly Ham who had donated two handhelds (winners Norbert VK5MQ and Dianne VK3FVXN) for the raffles which helped us raise funds for the club. We urge people to support Strictly Ham.

A big thanks to all the foxhunters who support us by traveling from Melbourne and Adelaide – especially Bevan VK5TV for his 53rd Convention. Judging from the laughter and tall stories over dinner everyone enjoyed themselves.

Catering included:

Breakfast at 8:30AM on Sunday – egg and bacon roll
Lunch available during the day
Evening meal: 3 course for $25 in the convention rooms

Convention Sunday : Opening at 8:30AM for breakfast, setting up and sales of treasured goodies.

Home brew judging after lunch, guest speaker while results are being collated at close of fox hunts.

From Andrew VK5KET Andrew on behalf of VK3….
I will set a course and I think for an ARDF style event it’s ok that railway lands is wide open.
Start location: 24 Margaret st. 

Start time: Any time between 7:30am and 8:30am (Transmitters will turn off at 9am)

Transmitter frequency: 145.300 (5 transmitters, each will transmit for 12 seconds in sequence.)
Hopefully, the shorter start window and proximity to the hall will make it easy for teams to support the convention.

If anyone would like to try their hand at it, they’re most welcome.

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