Convention 2023

Yes, it will be happening on the King’s Birthday Weekend in June. The Australian Fox Hunting Championship (Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th). Hall convention on Sunday 11th only. As per last year the hall opening will be for one day with tables, catering and the convention dinner.

More details to follow. Fox hunters should assume that competitions will be similar (with some new tricks). Andrew VK5KET will be leading this important part of the program and may be contacted by email. I think most have his email address, if not ask on the sergconvention email. I don’t want to publish it here without his permission. Andrew will also use the Foxhunters group.

Non-fox hunting communication will happen through :

Tim VK5AV is monitoring this email address and will redirect if necessary. It will be the address for table and dinner bookings and general questions.

The Convention dinner is confirmed for Sunday night but price is not decided. All prices have yet to be discussed but are unlikely to be significantly different from previous years.