Convention 2021 Postponed

Convention postponed until later in the year. At tonight’s meeting (Wednesday 2/6/21) it was agreed that it was not possible to continue on the 12/13th of June due to the situation with Covid19.

Our committee is very aware that many will have booked accommodation and we are sorry if this has caused a problem with cancellation but everyone’s safety is our first consideration.

Here is the email that our foxhunt organiser Andrew VK5KET has sent to the foxhunters on his list:

Hi All,
I sent an email to the Melbourne Fox list but have been advised it may not be working.

I think I’ve got you all on this list. With the current restrictions in Melbourne SERG is reviewing whether we postpone the event or run it in a different format this year.

I’d really appreciate some feedback from you.

As I write this email the decision has been taken to defer the convention weekend to later in the year on a date to be announced due to the current COVID-19 situation in VK3.

I would appreciate any feedback from you all to any suitable weekends (before end of October due to fire restrictions).


The postponed event may be over a ‘normal’ weekend but it if so will be done so that our VK3 participants will have time to drive home Sunday afternoon. The Wayne Kilpatrick night foxhunt would be held on the Saturday night if it’s a normal weekend. We’re looking at long weekends as well but will depend on other events and fire season.

For any VK5s who had planned to attend and are still coming to Mt Gambier on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend to see relations or have a holiday please be advised that we are holding a FREE club barbeque (non members welcome) at the clubrooms on Sunday 13th June from 12 noon (Snags and hamburgers, onions, bread and sauce) – bring your own drinks – and we will put out some tables on the verandah for anyone who wants to bring along goodies to sell. It will also give Niv a chance to dispose of some of his treasures. I believe that Norbert has some treasures too.

We have a hot plate arranged and Tony VK5ATB is buying in the meat etc for the bbq.

Any questions to Tim VK5AV or John VK5DJ