The President’s Shield

Club Awards

Honorary Life Membership

Life Membership of SERG is awarded, at the discretion of the club officers and membership, to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the group over many years. Life Members are presented with an engraved medallion and their callsigns are entered onto the honour board.
Life Members
Eric Jamieson VK5LP 1988
Trevor Niven VK5NC 1989
David Stacpoole VK5ZOO 1999
Colin Hutchesson VK5DK 2000
Tom Aubrey VK5EE 2006
John Drew VK5DJ 2006
Wayne Kilpatrick VK5ZX 2010
Norbert Trupp VK5MQ 2016
Greg Barrington


Andrew McKinnis







The President’s shield

The shield is presented annually, at the discretion of the Club President during each term of office, to a SERG member in recognition of outstanding effort, commitment to promoting the group’s activities or to Amateur Radio in general. The award was instituted in 1998, the shield presented to SERG by Dr. Kevin Johnston VK5KJ the president for that year.

Year Winners Callsign
1998 Tom Aubrey VK5EE
1999 Wayne Kilpatrick VK5ZX
2000 John Drew VK5DJ
2001 John Harris VK5ASN
2002 Greg Barrington VK5ZGY
2003 Kevin Johnston VK5KJ
2004 Bill Coates VK5WCC
2005 Charles Prime VK5XCP (now VK5HD)
2006 Trevor Niven VK5NC
2007 Andrew McKinnis VK5KET
2008 Andrew McKinnis and VK5KET and
Charles Prime VK5HD
2009 Tom Aubrey and VK5EE and
Wayne Kilpatrick  VK5ZX
2011 Andrew McKinnis VK5KET
2012 Colin Huon VK5HCF
2014 Greg Barrington and VK5ZGY and
Andrew McKinnis VK5KET
2016 John Drew VK5DJ
2017 Brett Pittard  



Gabi Barrington


Brian Roberts
David Walshaw

Super Caterer



The Foundation Award

The Roy Goodwin Shield is presented to a Foundation Licensee who excels in promoting the hobby through his/her activity.

Year Winner Callsign
2006 Brian Middleton VK5FROB now VK5FMID
2007 Bill Jackson VK5FWEJ
2008 Paula Williamson VK5FOXX
2009 Linley Pollard VK5FRED
2010 Ian Bishop VK3FNBL
2011 Andrew Jackson VK5FCLS
2012 John Bonney VK5FBBJ
2014 Tom Farana VK5FTRG
2015 Paula Williamson VK5FOXX
Andrew Fartch
Leith Robson
Kate Farana
The Foundation Award – perpetual trophy

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