VK5RMG tower test

Due to the blocking of the 2M signals in the Mt Gambier direction at The Bluff, the club sought permission to put the 2M antenna for VK5RMG onto a different tower.

These photos show the working bee on 12  Jan 2024 when Leith (VK5FLAR), Peter (VK5BE), Nick (VK5NJS) and Col (VK5HCF) installed the twin folded dipole array on the ‘new’ tower. The tower is a guyed one and is currently used by a local FM radio station. We appreciate that the tower owners have allowed this experiment.

Our antennas are at about the 40m mark and have an excellent view towards Mt Gambier, Millicent and Naracoorte. Nick was the extraordinary tower climber while Leith provided the safety backup climber. Peter provided technical encouragement while Col was chief photographer.


Leith shouting encouragement to Nick above the second set of guys.
Ground crew: Leith and Peter
Dipoles in place

A further working bee on Wednesday 18/1/24 took place and the coax was run from the bottom of the ‘new’ tower to the VK5RMG room and connected to the cavities. Initial results in all directions are very positive and it seems to be similar to the signals obtained when we were on the Azicom tower. Mobile operation from Mt Gambier is again very usable. Reports are very welcome.

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