VK3RSW reconnected to network

We (Peter and John) spent a couple of hours at Mt Richmond today (6/12/23). We put a notch filter cavity in the receiver to remove the APRS. It didn’t work despite attenuating the APRS signal by 50 dB.

We put a passband cavity in the transmitter line to meet ACMA requirements.

We installed an improved FX365 tone decoder set to 91.5Hz into the controller.

By turning on the CTCSS for the repeater receiver we have been able to completely stop APRS from opening up the transmitters. This is working very successfully and it’s also stopping some occasional noise bursts from firing up the transmitters.

So the bottom line is that the repeater is now sitting there quietly. Peace at last!

The only downside is that everyone coming in on VK3RSW frequency will need to set CTCSS 91.5Hz in your transmitter. Most may already have this set because it is the standard for Australian repeaters.

VK3RSW is again connected to the SERG repeaters, we’d love to hear you come on and say “G’day”.

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