Low antenna at VK5RSE Mt Graham Repeater

The VK5RSE repeater is currently running on a low antenna – about one metre above the hut. In addition it is below the height of two nearby buildings in the direction of Mt Gambier and Millicent. Signals will be down. It may still be OK towards Kingston and Naracoorte.

This is an experiment to check if the clicks appearing on transmissions into the 2 metre repeater are a result of antenna fault. We also know that the SWR is very high (4:1) and the antenna analyser is coming up with some strange readings. The bottom line is that we’ll need to replace the main antenna. For the moment this temporary setup will confirm the clicks are coming from the main antenna.

I have had to reduce the power out of the repeater to prevent the desense resulting from having an antenna within 4 metres of the repeater.

John VK5DJ : repeater coordinator

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