President’s Awards 2021-2022

Each year our President presents two awards at the AGM.

The Foundation Roy Goodwin Award this year was presented to Deanna Summers VK5FDCS for her work with our Convention, her skills in managing our TV presentations for the Hill Climb and her support for car rallies.

President Peter presents the Roy Goodwin Plaque to Deanna VK5FCLS

The President’s award is presented to a person who has provided outstanding service to the Club for some time. This year it was presented to Sandy Walshaw (XYL of David VK5HDW) for her support for our Convention. Sandy has for some time been our organiser and chef for the Annual Convention. Everyone who has attended the Convention will know of the Sunday night Convention Dinner. Her apple crumble is a special highlight. The three course meal is one of the significant events for the Convention and without her the dinner may not happen. The club is deeply indebted to Sandy for her contributions. Thanks Sandy.

President Peter presents the President’s Award to Sandy Walshaw
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