A great helper for our network

The ever-ongoing upgrades carried out on the SERG VHF Repeater Network requires help from many sources. One of those sources is the expertise and workshop facilities of Eric VK5BT.

Eric has always been available, usually at rather short notice, to fabricate all sorts of metalwork required for the project. He usually has an easy solution to the strange rough-drawn notes given to him by yours-truly. The jobs produced are always of a high professional standard that will last a lifetime in service.

Eric is affectionately known as Mr Arkwright, quite rightly named after that TV character that operated a corner store that had everything. Eric’s store contains relics of bygone years “that will come in handy one day”. They surely have, his stocks of useful bits are migrating into the SERG network.

My personal thanks go to Eric for his ongoing help and support on the various stages of the project. He contributed to the professional network that is in place today.

Brian Roberts.


July 2022

Eric VK5BT
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