AREG balloon experiments

Yesterday 7/5/22 AREG launched another balloon. This time with a camera and telemetry.

For those interested in hearing these balloons listen on about 434.2MHz for the digital telemetry and if you have a vertical beam point it at about 330 degrees (Millicent as the starting point) towards where most of the balloons are launched near Mt Barker. If you want to decode the balloons you’ll need a 64bit Windows machine and a copy of Horus-binary. See here for download. If you’re using a USB connection from your rig you’ll need to change some settings in your radio to activate USB audio.

If you want to see if your decodes are getting through you’ll need to go to this site using your browser. If you are decoding and sending data you will see an antenna symbol at your location on the map and a green line from the balloon to you. You’ll also see your callsign appear in the list on the left along with your signal report (automatically included in your data uploads).

A view from 40,000 metres. Received photo on 7/5/22 by VK5QI, Mark Jessop

Well done to Mark and his team at AREG. Saturday’s balloon reached a record height of over 40,200m for an Australian amateur balloon. Yes, the Earth is a sphere despite what some believe.

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