Norbert’s work Sunday 17/10/21

Norbert VK5MQ visited The Bluff UHF repeater on Sunday to do some final installation work.

Here is the information he sent me the next day:

“The rack was slightly rearranged to accommodate the extra power supply.

The two x 6V 200Ah batteries, although outside the rack, don’t seem to get in the way when working at the back. Probably because the adjacent rack is deeper.

I did notice that the newly installed power supply has a dodgy mains power switch, so I used the power point switch to turn it on and off once this was noticed. I’ll try and source a replacement switch.

The C4FM repeater coaxial cable to the cavity was replaced with RG-214, found the perfect length cable at home.

Repeater tail final setting ended up at 500mS (I think) and of course 91.5Hz tone on repeater transmission.”

There were two important software changes.
(1) a tail of 500ms is now on the repeater when it is operated using FM. This helps non digital users know when they have accessed the repeater.
(2) a CTCSS of 91.5Hz has been put on the transmitter. This means that if you don’t want to hear the hiss of digital noise on your analogue radio just set your receiver to require a CTCSS tone. You’ll see your S meter increase when digital signals are on but won’t be bothered by the noise.

The new power supply installed at bottom replacing the old TAIT. Thank you Leith VK5FLAR for the unit. The power supply auto switches between AC power and in the event of a power failure the battery (200 AmpHr). The YAESU Fusion repeater is centre.
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