Avoiding the digital noise

Some of our members may not have a digital radio and like to monitor for Echolink on the UHF repeater. Norbert was on site today and he has set the new repeater to put out 91.5 when transmitting FM.

Here’s how to fix the problem with digital noise on your standard FM receiver.

All you need do is adjust your radio so that it uses Tone Squelch of 91.5 which means your radio only opens its mute if it hears 91.5Hz.
This is the opposite of putting tone on the transmitter. So no more noisy signals, Your radio will be nice and silent when the digital signals are on because there is no tone being put out by the repeater. You’ll need to make sure your radio behaves differently on UHF, otherwise you won’t hear the 2M repeater.

If there is an FM signal through the UHF repeater it inserts the 91.5HZ onto its transmission and your mute opens. Nifty heh!

You as a FM user won’t be able to talk until there is a gap in the repeater of course. But that’s no different from what normally happens. You’ll know when there’s a digital signal because your S meter will be hard over with no sound.

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