Digital repeater update

DR-2X digital repeater 5-50W 2m and 70cm

The club is about to buy and install a Yaesu DR-2X repeater in place of the current UHF repeater.

The device itself is very clever. If you have an analogue radio you can still use it as a repeater and others can still hear you etc etc. But it won’t work with other digital systems e.g. D-Star. The repeater can be used either 2m or 70cm but we will use it on UHF. Our normal linked 2M system won’t be touched by this project. We will replace the current UHF repeater which is rarely used.

Users of the Repeater will just need a suitable radio to use digital, no other hardware. See Tom’s post above for possible radios. They must be C4FM models.

Here are two links to give you an idea of what is involved. The first is a video showing the features of the repeater while the second is a link to Ross’s shop showing the interface card needed to allow connection to the internet.

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