Free barbeque

Who can resist a free barbeque? Because the convention has been postponed we’re planning a free barbeque for anyone who turns up on Sunday 13th June 2021 starting at 12 noon.

The club will supply the meat (snags and hamburgers), bread and sauce. If you want something else you can bring it and pop it on the hot plate. You’ll need to bring your own drinks although the club has limited supplies of soft drink ($1 each).

We’re setting up some tables for people to put pre-loved equipment and stuff for sale. Niv has items as does Norbert but anyone is welcome to put sale items on a table. It is your own responsibility to look after it though, manage change etc.

No need to book in, just turn up either with money in your pocket to buy gear or just enjoy each others’ scintillating company over a hot snag!

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