Working bee 27-3-21

From President Peter, VK5BE

Today, Colin VK5DK and I had a very successful activity at The Bluff to restore our 70cm repeater, VK5ROH, following the mounting of the dipole array last week-end on the Hutchesson tower.

Correct galvanised bolts fitted to the array mounting brackets.
Dipole array realigned to face north.
Coaxial cables neatly routed down the tower to our hut.
Custom cut extension cables using RG-213 installed to the rack equipment.

Tx SWR = 1.13 to 1
Rx SWR = 1.08 to 1

Initial signal reports suggest the coverage is as expected.

Newly placed UHF dipoles (RX on top, TX below). At the third crossbar can be seen the yagi to Mt Eckersley and at five crossbars is the yagi to Mt Benson. Both yagis are horizontally polarised.

Note from VK5DJ
At the top of the photo, just to the right of the tip of the Mt Benson yagi you can see a 2M vertical dipole. This was installed by Gambier Electronics for us some months back and had some performance issues when used as a duplexed antenna. Sometime in the next week I plan to drive to The Bluff and put that currently unused antenna on the receiver but leave the transmitter on the top phased dipoles. It’s worth the try to overcome the poor receiver performance. I may be able to remove a received cavity also.

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