Club outing to The Bluff

On Sunday 21-3-21 we had a get-together at the Bluff. Tim VK5AV and Norbert VK5MQ set up HF portable operation for the John Moyle field Day. They had some success, Tim using a horizontal wire and Norbert tested his vertical. Forty metres was the best band.

Col VK5DK and Gary VK5JR setup 1296MHz equipment but failures prevented successful operation. An attempt by Gary and Norbert to get a 1296MHz contact over 200m was unsuccessful as the contest time ran out.

It was all great fun, we had a good turn up of members considering the short notice. President Peter also relocated the UHF repeater antennas on the tower although the coaxes will wait another few days.

A better view of our 2M antennas on the right and the pattern disturbing 70MHz dipoles on the left.
Tim VK5AV HF portable
1296MHz setup by Gary VK5JR and Col VK5DK. VK5RMG shack is behind the red brick building to the right.
Norbert VK5MQ portable toward eastern edge
Looking NW to the centre of the Universe (Millicent). Photo shows steep roll off to the SE. Ideal for radio controlled gliders.
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