New antenna at The Bluff

Today 4/2/21 Norbert and Dylan from Gambier Electronics put the new antenna on the old “Hutchesson tower” now owned by Gambier Electronics. Quite an effort as the clouds threatened and the wind was building.

Tests so far are positive. Observations around the traps seem positive with signals better than they have been since we lost the position on the high tower.

At this point, the system is running on two antennas. The new antenna is on the transmitter while the receiver is on the temporary (faulty?) antenna on the tower. On Saturday 6/2/21 Col and John plan to visit the site to tune the gongs. Weather permitting we meet at 10:30AM. Observers welcome.

Unfortunately, the second dipole of the pair was delivered in a faulty state. This will need to be returned to the manufacturer. It’s likely that we might not bother about putting the second one up – it will be very handy in future if we have a need.

I’ve attached some photos from Norbert, I’d like to pretend that I took the photos but that lie would be a little too obvious. Top job Norbert and Dylan from GE.

View from the top. Our new dipole looking NW.
Looking down at Norbert’s foot and Dylan
Norbert’s test with the NanoVNA showing SWR<1.2:1
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