President’s visit to Portland

Meeting with Portland Radio Group

Sunday 24th Jan, I travelled to Portland to meet with the members of the Portland & South West Radio Group to let the members have some input to the proposed Heywood repeater site lease.

The meeting allowed the members to suggest numerous amendments to the draft document to be presented to the new owners of Mount Eckersley.

The lease agreement will be between the Mount Eckersley property owners, and the South East Radio Group, not the Portland club as originally planned.

Also, SERG will retain full ownership of the infrastructure, that includes the hut, tower, solar panels, and all the 2m repeater & link equipment in the hut.

The Portland club will provide the maintenance & tech support.

Another topic discussed was the storage container that SERG purchased to house the repeater, but has since been discarded following the acquisition of the concrete comms hut. The storage container will now be offered for sale to recoup the expenses incurred with its purchase.

PS Peter has spoken to the owners of the site and things are looking positive, still a few hurdles. We hope the revised lease agreement will be signed in a week or two and we’ll look to Portland Club to do some site works in preparation for the hut transfer.

Peter VK5BE

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