New power supply at VK5RMG

On Sunday 8th November Norbert VK5MQ installed a new power supply and batteries at the Bluff. In addition he installed cable trays for the antenna cables to tidy the installation outside the building.

The new power supply is very capable, it monitors battery voltage/current, mains 13.8V volts and current and indicates charge rate. Another feature is a built in low voltage detect so we can stop worrying about damage to batteries in the event of a sustained 230V power failure.

Lots of meters and LEDs, Wayne VK5ZX (SK) an ex president would have been thrilled.
VK5RMG 2M on left with links to VK5RNC, VK5RBT and VK3RSW. To the right the main power switching, the new power supply, the Dick Smith power supply unused but as an emergency and the TAIT power supply that powers the UHF equipment. Next below is the UHF repeater and its receiver cavity.
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