Which Capacitor Do I Use?

Many of you like me have wondered which of these capacitors should I use and for what circuit perhaps, what the heck”s a bumble bee capacitor and which ones do I may be throw out of a circuit or don”t use at all you may ask yourself ?

Fortunately we have Paul from Mr Carlson Lab to answer many of your questions in his following video so please welcome and thank Mr Carlson’s Lab Video for today’s presentation.

Hopefully today’s presentation and talk on capacitors by Mr Carlson has now shed some light on which are good capacitors, what capacitors are used for which type of circuits or recommended for what application. Hopefully you are now some what more proficient on capacitor selection and use.

If you have enjoyed this presentation on What Capacitor do i use and would like to see more of Mr Carlson’s presentations on other topics relating to electronics then click to the link to his you-tube website; Mr Carlson’s Lab.

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