New power supply tray

On Sunday 10/8/20 Peter VK5BE installed the new power supply tray for VK5RMG. As always, a really professional looking job. The VK5RMG/VK5ROH gear is something for our club to feel really proud about.

The setup at The Bluff. Left cabinet from bottom. Cavities for 2M, PRF1520 2M repeater, Main controller and VK5RNC link, Sub controller and links to Mt Benson and Mt Eckersley, three uhf cavities for links
Right cabinet from bottom. 2M system backup battery, UHF filter in RX, PRF1520 UHF repeater, power supply for two metres, battery charger controller for UHF and power supply UHF, DC switching panel
Close up of new power supply panel/tray and VK5ROH
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