Code of Conduct on Radio

Hello All and thanks for coming back to the site, the following is about code of conduct when on amateur radio or any form of radio operation really.

Firstly a comment from Mr Spock about what he has to SAY;

Well thank you Mr Spock for that and putting earth on notice. From here we may need to take a look from AHARS the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society summary of good Radio Code of Conduct.

Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society AHARS
Thank you to David Wilson VK5LSB and AHARS for the presentation

Well I hope taking a look at the second video that you all had flash backs to how we should be conducting our selves when we are transmitting on the air. We are all human and at times we do make mistakes and also get very anxious and carried away on topics at times and may be slip things we shouldn’t over the air waves or by mistake tune up on someone having a QSO on a frequency. The main thing we realize what we have done and don”t do it again. Enjoy the hobby.

Till Next Time 73”s from VK5NFT

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