Mt Eckersley Cabinet now in Mt Gambier

Thanks to Brian VK5VI for arranging the cabinet and President Peter for getting it from the VK5RHO site.

The solar charger will be mounted at the top on the non removable back of the cabinet. Below this will be the repeater for Mt Eckersley which will be on 19″ mounting holes. The cabinet is quite wide so the right hand side of the 19″ mount is on a bar that is fastened from top to the horizontal bar. This leaves about 200mm gap at the right for limited access.

Peter plans to cut an access port in the rear of the cabinet behind the repeater. Normally this will have a covering plate attached by bolts with captive nuts. The cover will maintain the vermin proofing. Rear access to plugs, antenna connections etc is necessary as Tait equipment is quite heavy and difficult to remove from the cabinet if only one person is present.

In the lower section will be placed the 4-6 cavities (until we have tested we won’t know how many we’ll need) and the battery.

We are still waiting on the allocation of frequencies although the callsign VK3RSW has been confirmed.

The VK3RSW cabinet
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