History making on-air SERG meeting

On Friday evening of March 3rd 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic where all gatherings and meetings are banned, SERG held its first ever meeting over its 2m repeater network.

Chaired by the President, Peter VK5BE, and assisted by Secretary Col, VK5HCF, a total 24 stations participated, plus 1 apology.

As the first Friday of each month is normally an “Activity Meeting”, the meeting commenced with an episode from the ARRL podcast “The Doctor is In”, chatting about various antennas, following by the latest VK6 News Broadcast, which discussed numerous topics.

This was followed by all those present having an opportunity to comment about the meeting and forward suggestions about future meetings. It was agreed by all that this format should become a regular feature of our Clubs activities and now look forward to different ways of presenting activities via the repeater network.

Peter VK5BE

Added note from VK5DJ

David VK5HDW made a suggestion we should have a get together each Friday night that is not an activity night or business meeting.

Next Friday 10/4/20 at 7:30PM there will be a quiz night. A mixture of general knowledge and ham questions. Have a pen and paper handy to write your answers. We’ll mark our own at the end of the quiz.

First prize a roll of toilet paper to be awarded at the first face to face meeting after the crisis. You’ll have to hold on till then.

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