The Bluff now on our own power

Peter VK5BE and Col VK5DK travelled to the site today (Friday12/3/20) and switched on the 230VAC from our own meter. We now have lights and power for the repeater which is now completely out of the Gambier Electronics building. It’s nice to be independent.Thanks for arranging the power Norbert VK5MQ.

Door is master keyed the same as Mt Benson and the power box cover repaired. Thanks to Tom VK5EE we have the lock fixed on the cabinet too.

We are planning to put a chair, broom and rubbish bin in the building and we are looking at a few basic bits and pieces for repair jobs – mostly to be prepared as we often go on site and then find we don’t have a Phillips head screwdriver, a meter or a thingamejig.

Col will be returning to mow and poison the grass to make things look better in the yard, currently there could be a rhinoceros or giraffe hidden in there somewhere, not to mention the tiger snakes.

Current plan is to seek permission to put a separate gate in the perimeter fence to separate us completely from the GE building.

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