VK5RMG moved

VK5RMG has a new home. It’s only moved 5 metres from the Gambier Electronics hut to the neighbouring ATCO hut abandoned by the previous owners and now made available again courtesy of Gambier Electronics. We are very fortunate to gain their continuing support.

The move was made 1 March 2020. Some of the antenna arrangements will change over the next weeks as we have to move from one tower to another but this will give us the chance to refresh the coax on the 2M antenna which is showing signs of water ingress.

A big thank you to Leon (Lion’s friend of John) for the provision of a teacher’s desk (not visible in the photo), to Norbert VK5MQ for the Antenna Coax redirection and temporary power connection and to Peter VK5BE for his help with the moving and cleaning.

The move seemed to go without a major hitch. The permanent power connection is being arranged by Nobert – a matter of getting a provider as there is already a meter etc to the building.

The desk with its 4 drawers will be handy for storage and the surface for placing test gear and any soldering if required.

John VK5DJ
Repeater coordinator

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