BLUFF repeater to be relocated elsewhere on the Bluff

Due to a request from the owners of the site we will be moving from the brick building to the ATCO hut next door. We appreciate the continuing support of Gambier Electronics.

This has necessitated us arranging to put power onto the ‘new’ hut. This was approved at the meeting on 21/2/20. We don’t know how long this will take as the power was disconnected several months ago.

Because the antennas will temporarily remain as they are we will need to make adjustments to their cables – their entry is currently on the east of the brick building and they will need to come in on the south of the ATCO hut. Secondly the VK5RMG VHF antenna may have to be moved sometime soon, so we may have to put a temporary antenna on the old tower. It is possible that range will be initially compromised and it is possible that the repeater may be off air for a week or two awaiting power and working bees.

Working bee to move VK5RMG will be held this Sunday at 1:30PM. We hope it will be back on by 5:30PM. Antennas will remain in their current position for the moment. Hopefully you won’t tell the difference.

A big thank you to Leon (a Lions friend of John’s) for the donation of a teacher’s desk as a workbench in the ATCO hut.

Check this website for updates.

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