Portland repeater project

Heywood Repeater Group inaugural meeting – 16th Feb 2020

On Sunday February 16th, and held at the QTH of Denis VK3VET, the inaugural meeting was held to plan the Heywood repeater project on Mount Eckersley.

In attendance were Peter VK5BE (Chairperson), John VK5DJ, Brian VK5VI, Denis VK3VET, Paul VK3HJV, John VK3FJET, Peter VK3HEW, Steve VK3ZAZ, and David VK3HAQ.

Apologies were received from Ian VK3DNQ, Phil VK3FDAA, Colin VK5DK, and Gus McLean (Land owner)

Peter VK5BE opened the meeting with a summary of the progress made so far, outlining that a site sharing agreement had been secured, all RF equipment such as 2m repeater, 70cm link, all antennas, cabling, and a tower had all been (or being) acquired through SERG members including Brian VK5VI, along with the 12V DC solar power supply. Subject to club approval SERG will create a project support budget.

A letter has been forwarded to the WIA Frequency recommendation group requesting frequencies for both the 2m repeater and the 70cm link. Those present agreed that we apply for VK3RSW as an appropriate call-sign.

Discussion then followed on the topic of the type of hut to be constructed. It was agreed that a small brick and concrete hut be built on site subject to the acquisition of suitable material.

For the purposes of securing possible government grants, the Portland group will consider reactivating the dissolved Portland and South West Amateur Radio Club This will also enable the repeater to be a “WIA repeater licenced” device ensuring the licence is paid annually by the WIA in accordance with their policy of supporting one repeater licence per club.

All the VK3’s present agreed to form a repeater planning group, led by Denis VK3VET, to coordinate the construction phase of the project, and will hold planning meetings at Denis VK3VET’s QTH, with possible remote members sitting in via Skype.

Paul VK3HJV agreed to create a private face-book group for the project to keep everyone informed.


Peter VK5BE

SERG President


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