–Mini TS-100 Soldering Station–

Hello and welcome to another post.

Today I have for you this quite a remarkable little old soldering iron. Well you might say its just another soldering iron, looking at it for the first time you might think so but wait there is more.

Click on to the you tube to find out more about this little beauty.

Click onto links below to find out more;

TS100 Product Link:

Spare and alternative tips:

Different colour casings:

Iron stand for TS100:

Helping hands: 

How to update Firmware

Please read the instructions on how to flash the firmware, and download the latest firmware (ts100.hex) from the releases page.

Firmware Page Link: 

Make sure you select TS100_EN.hex; The EN refers to english and the text will be displayed in english and not some other language.

Enjoy and have fun with Amateur Radio.

Cheers and 73’s from Tom VK5NFT


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