2019 Legend of The Lakes Hill Climb

A HUGE “Thank you” to Andrew, VK5KET Representative for SERG for the Hill Climb Event, for another well organised and run event from SERG Members.

Well what a weekend three days Friday Saturday and Sunday of racing and another well done job by SERG members assisting SEAC (South East Automobile Club) in this years event. 140 approximately competing competitor’s this year in very ordinary weather conditions.

Prior to the race day there is a lot of work involved setting up leading up to this event from dedicated Serg members, about 5 days in getting cables out and testing many things from red lights to cameras. Serg has been involved with this event since it started 14 years ago and our primary role is providing communication along the course back to race control. The other service that the club provides is live video footage to various large monitors located around the course for the spectators.

The course is 1.45 kilometers of up hill and winding bends and speed reached of up to on some sections of 180 kilometers Hour plus.
Start line at top of the image and finishing at the bottom

To see what is it like to run up the hill well then take a ride with these drivers to experience the thrill.

Irish Rally Driver Frank Kelly Run with some Locals for a ride
Angelo Caiazza 1964 AP5 Valiant run,
Thank you for your clip and come back again Angelo

Here are a few pic’s from the weekend.

Tom,VK5EE, & Peter, VK5BE, setting up
Peter, VK5BE. (No it’s not potty training)
Friday sign on at the S.E.A.C. tent
Col, VK5HCF, at turn 9 on Friday.
NO, he is NOT asleep!
Safety meeting. Saturday.
Packing up – Sunday arvo.
Tom, VK5EE and Col, VK5HCF helping to pack up.
Kate, VK5FKLY, making it all happen.
A sneaky shot of Kate, VK5FKLY
The T.V. Transmitter
The antenna for the T.V. transmission
Oops. That’s going to cost.

Top Car Park Rack and Stack
Cars descending down from top car park
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Top-Car-Park-pic-2-1024x679.jpg
Looking from Top Car Park circuit with cars descending down.
Emergency Response Vehicle Ready and on Stand by.

And to show you what people from out of town think of this event well check this out, Well Done SERG and SEAC Volunteers.

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