Rex VK7MO Testing Out IC-9700

Hello and welcome in this post we have Rex VK7MO talks us through the frequency stability issues with the new Icom IC9700 radio and how to go about resolving this issue.

Icom IC-9700 frequency stable? – Tested by Rex VK7MO

A disclaimer about this video:

All tests are easily reproducible with appropriate test gear – This is the 2nd IC-9700 that has been supplied to Rex – All “drift” is still within stability specs of the radio over a 10 degree temperature range (although the spec is over a 70 degree range) – The IC-9700 is a fantastic radio and a great step forward for VHF/UHF enthusiasts – this video is not bagging the radio. The purpose of these tests is to show the real world results and to show that Icom has perhaps missed the mark with not implementing a full 10MHz locked solution for this radio for the purposes of particular digital modes and/or for perhaps driving microwave transverters.

Icom IC 9700 GPS LOCKED! Weak signal review by Rex VK7MO ✅

Yes the Icom IC 9700 has been GPS locked! How? Well Rex VK7MO brings us up to speed on developments, explains the features he enjoys most out of this new radio and the benefits for those wanting to use this rig on Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) moonbounce or other weaker signal digital modes.

Thanks to Rex VK7MO, Hayden VK7HH and Ham Radio DX for providing the videos and hope all you amateur radio viewers welcomed and enjoyed this information.

Cheers and 73’s from Tom VK5NFT

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