S.E.R.G. is now connected to the N.B.N. network.

The Club is once again connected to the internet.
The I.R.L.P. and the remote station are all working properly and there has been a dramatic increase in upload / download speeds.

John, VK5DJ, has updated the Remote Access details on the relevant page of this site.

A huge “Thank you” to Brett of T.D.R.S. for:-

1. Supplying us with excellent internet at no cost.
2. For maintaining the system – also free of charge.
3. Updating the system to the N.B.N.

If you are looking for a new provider – look no further than T.D.R.S. who are, of course, locals. 

Brett, hard at work, setting up our Clubroom’s for the N.B.N.
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One thought on “S.E.R.G. is now connected to the N.B.N. network.”

  1. A BIG Thanks Brett for the fantastic service you have provided the Club SERG and its members, we sincerely appreciate your great support to the club.
    Tom VK5NFT

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