This year with 4 new Pines Enduro volunteers we thought we would make it a little easier for the newbies to find their positions. So late Saturday arvo I headed out to the 4 checkpoints, and marked each one with a sign and wooden dropper. Sheryl also escorted 2 of them right to their positions, after handing them their safety gear, and getting them to sign on.

The day ran really smoothly. The only exception was a Buggy accident, where 2 ambulances had to attend. As a result of race cars stopping to render assistance, or stopping to relay information at checkpoints, this time was taken off their lap times. We were able to give race control the order as the cars went past checkpoints before and after, so race stoppage time was easily worked out. Just an example of the many reasons we are needed out there for this type of event.

We managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of time to check out the video footage. From what we saw it was a fantastic effort, congratulations to all involved. Well done!!

With the early race start of 8am, we managed to be packed up and on the road home before 3pm.

A big thank you to the Naracoorte Radio Group – Ross, VK3KBO, Allan, VK5ZLT, Darren, VK5HBL,   and Phil, VK5PCL, for putting their hands up and helping out for the day. Hope we see you all back there next year!

Some stats for those who are interested.

2017 – 64 Started, 21 Finished = 33%, 3 Engine failures.

2018 – 51 Started, 27 Finished = 53%, 8 Engine failures.

Andrew, VK5FCLS, & Sheryl.”

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