• SERG Convention 9/6/24, Australian foxhunting championship 8,9/6/24

Who are we?
The South East Radio Group is a group of approximately 60 radio amateurs living in the South East corner of South Australia and Far Western Victoria.

The club meets on the first and third Fridays of each month in the Reidy Park Centre, O’Halloran Tce, Mount Gambier. Visitors are always welcome. Our meetings begin at 7:30 PM followed by a delicious supper and soft drinks or coffee/tea.

The meeting on the first Friday of each month is our activity night and we usually have an interesting speaker or demonstration by members and invited guests. The meeting on the third Friday is a business meeting. January does not have a first Friday activity meeting.

Subs are a reasonable $35.

Entrance to clubrooms

The club is well served by an excellent ham shack with a remote station and equipment for use by members who do not have a home station. The club’s 30 metre tower has HF and VHF antennas. In addition the club sponsors an extensive repeater network and we serve the wider amateur community by providing beacons.

The clubrooms occupy five rooms of what were originally the administration area for the Reidy Park Junior Primary School. We have free WIFI and other connected facilities.

Our antenna tower

If you are interested in joining this friendly group send an email to:
vk5sr@wia.org.au with your phone number or email address and we’ll make sure you are welcomed to a meeting.

The webmaster has de-activated new logins for general users due to the amount of spam. If you have a post to share send it to John (VK5DJ) or Col (VK5HCF)  via email. Members have the email addresses. Alternatively, if you would like to be a regular contributor, contact John and he will create a login for you.

A separate password is needed to view the Members’ pages. This password has been emailed to all members of SERG.

Our SERG executive team:

Special thanks and our appreciation for the support of
(1) Brett Pittard of TDRS (Technical support specialists) in the provision of our internet access and this website.

(2) CSE Crosscom for the use of their tower and building for the 2M repeater and UHF repeater at the Bluff. Their support is extraordinary.

Club members and users of our facilities are urged to support TDRS and Gambier Electronics whenever possible.

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