VK5RSE:Two Metre IRLP and EchoLink Repeater

With 146.800MHz output and 146.200MHz input the IRLP/EchoLink and general purpose repeater was installed 3rd September 2005 on Mt Graham, 11km NE of Millicent.
This repeater is not connected to the south-east two metre network, however there is a link to VK5ROH 70cm repeater as listed which in turn connects to IRLP node 6875 at VK5WSR in the Mount Gambier clubrooms.

VK5RSE beacons and repeaters.

The link to VK5ROH is currently an “off air” connection but it is planned to return to a separate link sometime. We have a licence to do this.

Photograph from top:
1) beacon power supply on top of cabinet
2) VK5RSE beacon output stages
3) beacon drivers 146.550MHz, 432.550MHz, 1296.550MHz
4) tray with VK5RSE packet radio on 145.175MHz and remote receiver for the beacons
5) at bottom is the TAIT VK5RSE repeater on 146.800MHz output.

The five cavities for the repeater are on the left and in the distance a single cavity to keep the 146.550MHz beacon out of the repeater.

Dots on everything are forest variety Ladybirds who inhabit the room in countless millions. The photo was taken after a less than perfect cleanout.

David VK5HDW installs the folded dipoles for VK5RSE repeater.