VK5ROH is our Mount Gambier 70cm repeater.

UHF voice repeater 439.825 MHz output, 434.825 MHz input.
(Frequency change dated from 28 May 2005).

Located on the top of a disused water tower on a hill within the city of Mount Gambier this repeater is solar powered with the repeater tail indicating the status of the battery.
At a height of approximately 100m ASL the range is not specified although some hear it from about 50km.

CTCSS is NO LONGER turned on as the change of frequency has overcome the LIPD problem. If no response use 91.5Hz CTCSS for access to repeater but this hasn’t been required and hopefully this will no longer be needed.

VK5ROH is used to relay VK5WSR our IRLP/Echolink installation in our clubrooms.

VK5ROH is linked to the Mt Graham VK5RSE repeater.

The VK5ROH repeater antennas are located above the roof, although cannot be seen in this photo.