VK5RNC is the two metre repeater at Naracoorte

Frequencies are 146.650 MHz output at 20 watts and 146.050 MHz input with links 430.200 MHz to Willalooka and 442.375 MHz to The Bluff

The VK5RNC site is located on Blackwell Road, on a small ridge, 100m ASL,  about 5km SE of the town. The repeater belongs to the Naracoorte Amateur Radio Club and is an important component of the South-East  repeater network.  It also receives the signals from repeaters at Willallooka VK5RBT and The Bluff VK5RMG via UHF links.

The guyed mast was removed on 23 September 2007 and the new tower installed in May 2008. This is a 70 foot windmill tower and is a much safer proposition even though it is slightly lower. The antenna is a 4 folded dipole array.

The system is built from TAIT units purchased by the South East Radio Group.
A new set of cavities was prepared by Trevor VK5NC and tuned by Chris VK5MC.
The controller is a VK5DJ Mk1  design.

The system uses an audio bridge to enable two link transceivers to be connected to the single link port on the controller. The link transceivers connect to VK5RMG and VK5RBT.

The South East Radio Group wishes to acknowledge a generous donation by John VK3FXJR which enabled SERG to purchase a number of surplus TAIT UHF link units and a VHF repeater. These have been installed at Naracoorte and Willalooka by SERG.

The new tower and antenna system at Naracoorte. The 2M antenna system at Naracoorte features 4 folded dipoles for 2 metres at the tower top. About one third of the way down can be seen the small UHF beam carrying the link transmissions to the Bluff about 60km away and to the lower left is the horizontally polarised UHF link to Willalooka. The aircraft LED beacon light can be seen on the tower above the UHF vertical beam. Not required but an optional extra.

The previous tower being a guyed system resulted in the generation of noise generated by moving metal parts.  In addition climbing for antenna work was a precarious act for our volunteer workers.

It is planned to replace the two separate link frames with just one in a similar manner to VK5RMG and replace the current controller with a VK5DJ Mk4 controller to enable removal of the Audio Bridge. This move will simplify the tuning of audio levels which is currently a complex operation . The new controller also has the capacity to send a 1KHz tone, at 1KHz deviation. This tone can be remotely triggered thus enabling the setting of levels on remote receivers. It will also be possible to put the entire system into a single rack for a tidier setup.

The hut at Naracoorte. Red back spiders and brown snakes make life interesting when servicing the gear. John VK5DJ is seen hard at work. The grass has since been mown by the Naracoorte Club.

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