VK5RBT Bordertown

The original VK5RBT using two FM828 transceivers

VK5RBT is the two metre repeater at Willalooka

(linked to the South East network)
147.350 output and 147.950 input

A joint project of the South East Radio Group (SERG) and the Naracoorte Amateur Radio Club (NARC).

VK5RBT is located at Willalooka (Swede Flat) and is a duplex repeater with a link into VK5RNC at Naracoorte. It is the northern most node of the SERG repeater network.
To use this entry into the South East network, operate on 147.350 MHz RX and 147.950 TX.

The unit has been updated from its original two 828 transceivers and is now a TAIT repeater running 30 watts. Another UHF TAIT connects to VK5RNC on 430.200 MHz.

The home brew antenna of two half waves in phase was made by Alan VK5ZLT and is the repeater antenna, whereas a 12 element beam points at VK5RNC for the link.

There are 4 of the 5 cavities in use enabling one antenna for the duplex repeater.

The controller is of VK5DJ Mk1 design and includes remote control functions.
Range is very good – to the north it reaches 55km up the Pinnaroo Road from the Keith/Bordertown highway, to the East it reaches to Kaniva and to the west to Culburra between Coonalpyn and Tintinara. To the south, the line of hills cuts signal south of the Bordertown turnoff on the Naracoorte/Keith Road but the Naracoorte repeater is adequate at this point.
Signals to the southwest are very good and the gateway reaches to the Salt Creek/Kingston Road from about 15 Km south of Salt Creek and right through to Kingston.

The Naracoorte Amateur Radio Group installed VK5RBT on 11 October 2003 and the updated duplex repeater on June 2, 2006.

On August 3rd 2008 members of SERG installed the new UHF link at Willalooka and a new 12 element UHF link yagi

The repeater is now a SERG repeater but Alan VK5ZLT keeps an eye on it due to our service team in Millicent/Mt Gambier being about 170km away.

Recently Peter VK5BE re-arranged the repeater into a new cabinet (see below) that hopefully will be mouse proof and he also created an extensive earthing system to overcome a problem with a Western Victorian high power AM station causing interference.

Alan VK5ZLT installing the new test antenna in a temporary position on the Willalooka tower on 12/10/18


The new VK5ZLT antenna 2* 5/8 wave. (Tom VK5NFT and Alan VK5ZLT). After tests we resorted to the original antenna near the top of the tower.
VK5RBT as it is today in its new cabinet courtesy VK5BE
The VK5RBT tower. The site is owned by the Tatiara District Council and we appreciate their support.
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