The South East Radio Group Committee for 2019-20


President  \Reidy Park Centre representative\ Rally Coordinator\ Education Support \Convention Committee & Web Committee: Peter VK5BE


Vice President: Owen VK5HOS


Secretary \ Convention Committee\ Publicity Officer: Col  VK5HCF


Treasurer & Convention Committee: Andrew VK5VKC


           Committee members : Trevor VK5NC & Colin VK5DK 


Public Officer : Norbert VK5MQ  /  VK0AI


Broadcast Officer : Tom VK5EE


Education Officer \ Convention Committee & Web Committee : Tim VK5AV


 Convention Committee : Andrew VK5KET


Child Safety Officer  \ Repeater Coordinator & Web Committee : John VK5DJ


Almoner: David VK5HDW


 Emergency Coordinator :  Ben VK5JFK


Web Committee & Education Support : Tom VK5NFT 


Social Coordinator :  Executive committee to coordinate

Auditor : Ken Brown