Info re C4FM repeaters in SA

The following information was sent to President Peter by Peter VK5JP. It’s shown below for members information. It is a copy of an email following a query from WICEN SA Coordinator.


Since we last spoke there has been a rapid development of the Adelaide-10-G room 69159. Previously we had only a small amount of Wires-X capable repeaters connected to Lower Hermitage, those being: –

1)     VK5RCT Copper Triangle; located in Moonta; Frequency 438.325MHz Minus 5.00MHz offset; AMS “On” Analogue and Digital

2)     VK5RBV 70CM Barossa Valley ; located in the Barossa, frequency on  439.800MHz Minus 5.OOMHz offset; AMS “On” Analogue and Digital

3)     VK5RBV 2M Barossa Valley ; located in the Barossa, frequency on  146.825MHz Minus .6OOMHz offset; AMS “On” Analogue and Digital

4)     VK5RSC 70CM South Coast; currently located at Willunga Hill on 438.825MHz Minus 5.00MHz offset; AMS “On” Analogue and Digital

5)     VK5RDF 2M Crafers located in the Adelaide Hills on 147.2625Mhz minus 1.600MHz offset;Digital Only

6)     VK5RKW 70CM Upper Hermitage; Adelaide Hills on 438.875MHz minus 7.00MHz offset. This site has now become the primary repeater site for “Wires-X connections: Digital Only

7)     VK5RLH 2M in the Southern Hummocks on 146.975MHz Minus .600MHz offset is a C4FM repeater which is occasionally linked to Wires-X Runs both Analogue and Digital

8)     VK5RDF 70CM Crafers on 438.1125MHz Minus 7.00MHZ offset is stand alone C4FM repeater but can be remotely connected to Wires-X; Digital Only

9)     VK5SCR 2M on York Peninsula located at York town on 144.837 Simplex is a Wires-X Node run by Scruff and provides coverage around the York Town Area

Recently Added Repeaters: –

VK5RWR 70CM Waikerie located in the Riverland on 438.750MHZ minus 7.00MHz. the site is still under construction but repeater is operational and has excellent coverage. AMS “On” Analogue and Digital

VK3RPT is a Wires-X link from Victoria to Adelaide-10-G and is part of the Australia Repeater network which currently incorporates various areas of Victoria, New south Wales, Queensland, Alice Springs Northern Territory. The current plan which is underway is to build this Network to cover all of Australia and its Capital Territories…this link has provided additional connections to interstate repeaters and their respective networks… (Ref: Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY)

Soon to be added is VK5ROH 70CM Blue Lake; Mt Gambier in the South East. Frequency is 439.825MHZ with Minus 5.00MHz This is a new DR2X repeater replacing the existing 70CM Analogue unit. The repeater is currently under test and will join Adelaide -10-G. The AMS will be active allowing for connection via Analogue or Digital

There is also plans to install additional C4FM repeaters in each State but these will be connected to a specific Room ………

Yaesu C4FM and Wires-X has been widely accepted in Australia and overseas as the Digital System specifically designed for Amateur use.

Additional we have developed here in South Australia software for the Pi4 to enable the WIA Broadcast to be broadcasted on C4FM and Wires-“X” every Sunday at 09:00Hrs and again at 19:00Hrs Adelaide Central time. Credit goes to Steve VK5ST for the software development, his tireless effort in developing the software over the last 8 months has given us a fully automated system which allows for the broadcast of the WIA National News Segment, Local News Segment and Chris K1KC Tech corner. Other features now allow for repeater switching in event of Link failure with the primary repeater, the ability to record overseas tech broadcasts and other features…

Due to heavy demand on network services Phil Kern from Kern Wifi has upgrades the fibre optic links at the Upper Hermitage site. Currently there are 2 Optic Fibre links to Sydney; 100g and 10G:  recently added a Fibre Link running to Melbourne…… Phil has been instrumental in giving the Adelaide-10-G room the best stable available internet service with a large bandwidth to allow for a large number of connections to room 69159. He himself is a amateur and is a keen supporter of the Yaesu System fusion C4FM and Wires-“X” here in Adelaide

I hope the above information will help you and WICEN group into the research of Yaesu C4FM repeaters and their coverage in South Australia and Interstate…..

Moving forward to a Digital Future with C4FM……VK5 Digital Fusion Group


New C4FM repeater

The new 70cm C4FM repeater is on its way from Strictly Ham. Upon arrival this week, John VK5DJ will complete all the config settings, then hopefully it will be commissioned at The Bluff this coming week-end (9-10 October 2021). Those with C4FM capability, should set their radios to 439.825Mhz, with a -5Mhz off-set.

In the meantime the SERG clubroom end will be worked on. This will create access to the wider world as soon as practical. Initially VK5ROH will be a repeater only and can be used in either analogue as usual (with Echolink facility) or in digital.

At the next activity night we will be assisting people to set up their radios.

Digital repeater update

DR-2X digital repeater 5-50W 2m and 70cm

The club is about to buy and install a Yaesu DR-2X repeater in place of the current UHF repeater.

The device itself is very clever. If you have an analogue radio you can still use it as a repeater and others can still hear you etc etc. But it won’t work with other digital systems e.g. D-Star. The repeater can be used either 2m or 70cm but we will use it on UHF. Our normal linked 2M system won’t be touched by this project. We will replace the current UHF repeater which is rarely used.

Users of the Repeater will just need a suitable radio to use digital, no other hardware. See Tom’s post above for possible radios. They must be C4FM models.

Here are two links to give you an idea of what is involved. The first is a video showing the features of the repeater while the second is a link to Ross’s shop showing the interface card needed to allow connection to the internet.


SERG Comms at SEAC Rally

A terrific turnout of volunteers from SERG to support the South East Automotive Club’s rally on Sunday 11th July 2021. The above shows our President Peter manning the communication hub in contact with the workers in the field. He does look warm compared with the icey conditions outside.
Some of the vehicles lined up

It was a cold but dry day for the people in the field. There was great camaraderie among SERG and SEAC members. At Hans and my site we were treated to all kinds of goodies including chicken wings from Mark and coffee and hamburgers from Hans. We hope that everyone had a great day.

Convention 2021 – a new date

The South East Radio Group has rescheduled the SERG Australian Fox Hunting Championship and Convention to 18/19 September 2021.

We have checked that there are no other major events in Mount Gambier that weekend, Andrew our Fox hunting organiser is available, Ross is coming from Strictly Ham, the Council has been notified and the scout clubrooms are available.

The program will need to be modified as it’s not a long weekend and we know some will not be able to stay Sunday night, so we’re examining all the combinations for the program.

Check the Convention 2021 page. It will be kept up to date.

Tim VK5AV and John VK5DJ: convention organisers

Club barbeque 13/6/21

As the convention has been postponed until later in the year it was decided to hold a free club barbeque to bring the group together and share a few pre-loved items.

About 40 people were present and Tony VK5ATJ and Tim VK5AV were kept busy on the hotplate feeding the troops. Great to see some partners along too. Special visit by Trevor (Niv) VK5NC who parted with many of his treasures. President Peter welcomed everyone and suggested we should do more of these so something being planned at Dorodong with the Naracoorte boys once the weather warms a bit and with Portland Club members for early next year.

Big thanks to those who helped setup and cleanup.

Some goodies changed hands and there were smiles all around. The weather was outstanding, just a perfect winter’s day in Mount Gambier.

Far left can be seen Norbert and Chris utes with gear onboard. Tim and Tony busy on the bbq foreground right.
Some of the tables used for display, others inside the clubrooms.
Boyhood dreams: VK5DJ trying out John VK5JOB’s very nice Triumph after the event. A bigger motor than DJ’s car.

SERG helps at the border

Following the recent COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria, and the closure of the border into SA, the Princess Highway border check-point east of Mount Gambier was re-activated.

Unfortunately, the check-point location has little or no mobile phone or internet coverage. SA Police again requested assistance from SERG to establish an emergency antenna to enable data comms for the Border Permit checks.

With thanks to Andrew VK5MAS, who coordinated the activity, he soon had the essential comms up and running, deploying the SERG comms trailer with its pump-up mast.

This will remain in position until the SA Police radio techs arrive with their own infrastructure.

Free barbeque

Who can resist a free barbeque? Because the convention has been postponed we’re planning a free barbeque for anyone who turns up on Sunday 13th June 2021 starting at 12 noon.

The club will supply the meat (snags and hamburgers), bread and sauce. If you want something else you can bring it and pop it on the hot plate. You’ll need to bring your own drinks although the club has limited supplies of soft drink ($1 each).

We’re setting up some tables for people to put pre-loved equipment and stuff for sale. Niv has items as does Norbert but anyone is welcome to put sale items on a table. It is your own responsibility to look after it though, manage change etc.

No need to book in, just turn up either with money in your pocket to buy gear or just enjoy each others’ scintillating company over a hot snag!

Tower available, free but to be dismantled

The 80 foot ex VK5YM tower has become surplus to requirements by the current owner and is being offered for FREE, and needs to be removed from its present site.

We need to seriously have a good think about this offer, and we haven’t got much time to think about it.

Do we, as SERG, grab this tower for a future project, BUT, it will cost us money to remove it from the existing site at Moorak, and then we have to store it somewhere.

Let me know your thoughts by email to

Peter VK5BE

Ex Graham VK5YM