IC-9700 Review and Smackdown vs the IC-910H

Sorry for those that are not ICOM Radio enthusiasts we will bring you blogs on the new Yaseu and Kenwood Radios soon.

There has been some much talk about the new Icom IC-9700 I thought I would post this for you. For anyone wanting to find out more on the new Icom IC-9700 please click onto the you-tube video below. I hope you enjoy and once again thank you to Icom America Inc. for providing this video.

Cheers and 73’s Tom VK5NFT

Dayton Ham Convention 2019 17th to 19th of May

Hello from Eric KJ4YZI reporting from Dayton Ham fest with some interesting new Ham gear for us all. Attached a few new items that us hams might be interested in and were not able to make this Ham Fest.


Once again thanks to Eric KJ4YZI for his informative information and update on some new ham gear whats available hope you enjoyed just some of the highlights from this three day ham fest.

Cheers and 73’s Tom VK5NFT

Well now you want to Setup a Hotspot ?

Well now you know all about D-Star, DMR, C4FM, Reflectors and talk groups and you want to go about setting up your own hotspot. So you to can be able to access these various talk groups with ease for yourself. Well please enjoy the following you-tube video once again presented by Eric KJ4YZI where he shows you what you need to get started and how configure the the device and get you on the air using it.

Thanks again to Eric KJ4YZI from HamRadioConcepts

Cheers and 73’s from Tom VK5NFT

DStar/DMR/C4FM, What Are Reflectors And Talkgroups

Ever wanted to know what they mean by a reflector?, What is a talkgroup?, Dstar or C4FM when it comes to Amateur Radio.
These words are always flying around, and a lot of people have no idea what they are. Hopefully in this video presentation it will help you to understand the very basics and explain to the terminology and how it all works. Hope you enjoy and get something out of this video.

Once again thanks to Eric KJ4YZI for his youtube presentation and explanation into DStar/DMR/C4FM, What Are Reflectors And Talkgroups

Cheers and 73’s from Tom VK5NFT

Amateur radio – a 21st Century hobby

Whether you enjoy writing software, getting hands-on with practical equipment, developing new technology or simply want to use what’s already there to communicate with others across the world, you’ll find all of this – and more – within amateur radio. It is also great fun.

21st Century Hobby for all

Why not try it, click onto to the link below to go to WIA and find a Amateur Radio Club under Radio Clubs and hopefully their is one near you. https://www.wia.org.au/

Cheers and 73’s from Tom VK5NFT

Did I hear you say CB RADIO?

I started originally from the old days on 11 metres, known as the CB Radio Band, I know quite a lot of Amateurs of today started there too.  Well I found this video on the net and guess what, it’s all about CB Radios and probably a lot of us out there can relate to this video. Why did I put this on the listing to view, well anyone coming to our website and who doesn’t have a amateur licence could use this as a stepping stone into the hobby. I hope we can use this as an introduction from CB Radio towards Amateur Radio.

I hope you enjoy this video as there is some good reference material towards amateur radio.

If you are interested in getting a Amateur Radio Licence then click the link below:


1296 Beacon Currently off Air

SERG’s 1296 beacon located on Mount Graham is currently off air due to antenna issues. The site was visited by some of the clubs repeater volunteers led by Col VK5DK and assisted by Leith VK5FLAR, Niv VK5NC and Tom VK5NFT. Eventually after a couple trips it was verified a antenna issue. This will be attended to in coming weeks.

Tom VK5NFT on behalf of the website team.