2019 Legend of The Lakes Hill Climb

A HUGE “Thank you” to Andrew, VK5KET Representative for SERG for the Hill Climb Event, for another well organised and run event from SERG Members.

Well what a weekend three days Friday Saturday and Sunday of racing and another well done job by SERG members assisting SEAC (South East Automobile Club) in this years event. 140 approximately competing competitor’s this year in very ordinary weather conditions.

Prior to the race day there is a lot of work involved setting up leading up to this event from dedicated Serg members, about 5 days in getting cables out and testing many things from red lights to cameras. Serg has been involved with this event since it started 14 years ago and our primary role is providing communication along the course back to race control. The other service that the club provides is live video footage to various large monitors located around the course for the spectators.

The course is 1.45 kilometers of up hill and winding bends and speed reached of up to on some sections of 180 kilometers Hour plus.
Start line at top of the image and finishing at the bottom

To see what is it like to run up the hill well then take a ride with these drivers to experience the thrill.

Irish Rally Driver Frank Kelly Run with some Locals for a ride
Angelo Caiazza 1964 AP5 Valiant run,
Thank you for your clip and come back again Angelo

Here are a few pic’s from the weekend.

Tom,VK5EE, & Peter, VK5BE, setting up
Peter, VK5BE. (No it’s not potty training)
Friday sign on at the S.E.A.C. tent
Col, VK5HCF, at turn 9 on Friday.
NO, he is NOT asleep!
Safety meeting. Saturday.
Packing up – Sunday arvo.
Tom, VK5EE and Col, VK5HCF helping to pack up.
Kate, VK5FKLY, making it all happen.
A sneaky shot of Kate, VK5FKLY
The T.V. Transmitter
The antenna for the T.V. transmission
Oops. That’s going to cost.

Top Car Park Rack and Stack
Cars descending down from top car park
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Top-Car-Park-pic-2-1024x679.jpg
Looking from Top Car Park circuit with cars descending down.
Emergency Response Vehicle Ready and on Stand by.

And to show you what people from out of town think of this event well check this out, Well Done SERG and SEAC Volunteers.

2019 S.E.R.G. Christmas BBQ

Please note that, by popular consent, the 2019 South East Radio Group Annual Christmas BBQ will take place at Lake McIntyre on the outskirts of Millicent on SUNDAY 8th. of December commencing at 11.30 a.m.

Toilets, undercover shelter, a gas fired BBQ, and attractive surroundings supplied.

Please B.Y.O. food and drink, chairs etc.

This is always a very pleasant gathering and we invite ALL Amateurs and their families to attend.


It has been agreed that we will arrange another family style get together to be held over the border in Victoria sometime early in the New Year so that we can share some time with our, (now), significant VK3 Membership. All VK3 Amateurs are welcome to attend regardless of S.E.R.G. Membership status.

2019 Teagle Excavations A.R.B. Pines Enduro

While the “Workers” braved the elements to give the masses video of the event some just kicked back, relaxed and actually enjoyed themselves.

Ross, VK3KBO cooking up a storm. (Literally)
(Thank you to Denis, VK3VET, for the photo)

Here is a shining example of how to make the best of a poor situation.

The weather did not worry this fella as he just makes the best of it.

Seriously – a very big “Thank You” to ALL who helped out.

Well done and see you next year.

2016 Life Membership.

Back in 2016 during Tim, VK5AV’s term as President Greg, VK5ZGY and Norbert, VK5MQ, were awarded Life Membership of the Group because of their outstanding contribution to the Group over many years.

Although they received their Life Member medallions we forgot to present them with their Life Membership Certificates.

This was remedied for Norbert at last Night’s Business meeting.

Greg, VK5ZGY had already received his. (See earlier post below).

Tim, VK5AV, (President in 2016), presents Norbert, VK5MQ, with his Life Membership Certificate at our August 2019 Meeting.

2019 Life Membership Award.

Every few years the President and the Executive may decide that there is a Club Member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Group.

This year Club President Peter, VK5BE, and the Executive decided that Andrew, VK5KET, was a very worthy candidate for this honour because of his many years of input to the very efficient running of a number of annual events.

Andrew has been the major force behind the running of the Legend of the Lakes Hill Climb for many years as well as the organiser of our involvement with the huge Generations in Jazz Event plus organising events for the kids for J.O.T.A. and J.O.T.I. just to name a few.

Peter is shown presenting a very surprised Andrew with his award Certificate and medallion.

Andrew, VK5KET, receiving his Life Membership Certificate from Club President Peter, VK5BE.

2019 Annual General Meeting.

A few photographs of the presentations made at our 2019 A.G.M.

The Major Award for the night was the 2019 Presidents Award.

Club President Peter,VK5BE, described how, for the past three years, this award has gone to a non-Club Member and how deserving the recipients have been. He then awarded the Presidents Trophy for 2019 to Brian Roberts, VK5VI, who’s huge support of our Groups repeater network has been a very important part it’s efficiency. Brian has supplied parts and equipment and done a lot of construction work on some of the major components of our wonderful system – all without reward or recompense. He is a very worthy recipient.

Club President Peter, VK5BE, (on right) presenting Brian, VK5VI, with the 2019 Presidents Trophy.

Past President Tim, VK5AV, presented Greg, VK5ZGY, with his Life Member Certificate which we forgot to present in 2016.

Club President Peter, VK5BE on the phone to inform Brian, VK5VI, that he has been awarded the President’s Trophy for his outstanding contribution to our terrific repeater network. Brian was mobile with his wife on their way home from Strathalbyn at the time. (Hands free – of course).

Club President Peter, VK5BE, presented the 2019 Roy Goodwin Award for the most outstanding Foundation Licence member to Leith, VK5FLAR, for his long standing commitment to helping the Club in many ways. (Tower climbing and, in particular, his outstanding work in helping to set up the Legend of The Lakes Hill Climb over many years).

Chasing Weather Balloons

Recently a number of South East Radio Group members have been tracking weather balloons here in South East South Australia.

A balloon is released automatically from the Mount Gambier Airport each Monday and Thursday morning at 10.45 a.m. local time and if some unusual weather conditions are expected, at any time.

We watch the predicted flight path on Hab Hub Predictor and then track the actual flight path on Hab Hub Tracker. Sometimes the two plots agree and others not very well.

The prediction for yesterdays balloon originally had it landing somewhere near Hamilton but this was revised to a spot just East of Strathdownie in Victoria.

Charles, VK5HD rang me at about 11 a.m. and asked if I was going to chase it or if I might be interested in doing so. As it was not going to be very far from the Mount I suggested that I ring Tom, VK5EE, and invite him as well. Charles agreed and Tom and I met up with him at his home in Mt. Gambier at 1 p.m. and off we went.

After crossing the border on the way to Casterton we turned right onto West Strathdownie Road and then turned right onto McGrath’s Road. We travelled along McGrath’s Road for a short time until our GPS indicated that we were getting close to the landing area.

Charles had his hand held on and tuned to 401.500 Mhz. and right on cue we started to hear the signals from the Sonde. It had landed pretty much exactly where the tracker had placed it. We turn off McGraths road and drove a few hundred metres up along the Western edge of a stand of pine trees and parked.

After climbing over the fence into the paddock Charles thought he could see the Sonde but it turned out to be the wool from a sheep carcass.

Col, VK5HCF thought that he saw it just a bit to the North and so we changed direction and carried on walking. Bingo. There was the Balloon, (in tatters of course), and the parachute. Col traced the flimsy line from the tangled mess of the Balloon back to the actual sonde. The line was surprisingly long, maybe 30 metres or so.

All good. Charles coiled the whole mess up and we carried it all back to the car pretty happy with such an easy recovery.

We were only away for about an hour or so which meant minimal disruption to our day.