S.E.R.G. 2020 Christmas BBQ


It just goes to show that “when in doubt JUST DO IT”

Sunday 6th. December was shaping up as a disaster for a BBQ, with high blustery wind and numerous showers of varying intensity. Not a day for an outdoor gathering for sure.

After finishing off the Sunday morning Broadcast and the Call backs Tom, VK5EE and VK5HCF, set off for Millicent.

Numerous showers were encountered along the way with the occupants of the “Shopping Trolley” questioning their sanity.

On arrival at Lake McIntyre we found a few of the Members already there.

Most notably Chris, VK5MC, and wife Josie to whom we owe a big vote of thanks for arriving early in order to secure the site against marauding tourists.

Also to John, VK5DJ who organised for the area to be roped off with bunting to assist in pointing out to potential interlopers that the site was reserved.

This year we had the site at the top of the hill nearest to the toilets, (but not too near. 😄)

Referring back to my opening statement.

This site proved the above saying by sheltering us from the vast majority of the wind so that we barely noticed it, and we only really had one rain session that caused us to seek shelter for a few minutes. The rest of the afternoon was, in fact, quite pleasant which just proves that sometimes you get lucky.

Colin, VK5DK, John, VK5DJ and James, VK3JBM having a deep and meaningful.

18 Club Members were in attendance including James, VK3JBM, who came all the way from Horsham in Victoria to join us. Well done James and it was great to catch up again. It was also great to see Trevor, VK5NC, who is temporarily trapped here by the W.A. Border Closure. It was lovely to enjoy your Company for a short time “Niv”

A very pleasant afternoon of socialising.

A few of the regulars were missing because of other commitments which was a bit sad but it is very hard to organise these events to include everybody.

The Members who like to engage in a bit of Portable Operating set up their radios and David, VK5HDW’s new Hi-End Fed antenna which covers 6 metres to 40 metres, (I think?).

The “Portable Gang”

Unfortunately there was horrific noise on some of the bands and after looking around we suspected that it was coming from a four wheel drive parked on the road opposite our site. The Unit had a solar panel on the roof and we suspect, a refrigerator running inside. Obviously the Solar Panel regulator was a “crook” one as when the 4wd left, so did the noise, but by then the crew had packed up the gear as it was almost time to head home and the bands were almost completely “dead” anyway. “Life was not meant to be easy.”

Glad the 4wd is not our next door neighbour.

As usual the day turned out to be quite pleasant and all who attended enjoyed a few hours of banter and a good feed.

Now we can look forward to next year.

Here’s a link to the Lake McIntyre site. It’s a beautiful spot.

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