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SERG Mt Eckersley Repeater Project                                                                       28/06/2020


Report #5  

VK3HAQ, VK3HJV, VK3FJET, VK3HEW, VK3VET visited Mt Eckersley today laid the floor in the container.

The next project will be to build and install the work bench.

The internal dimensions of the container are approximately 1.8m long by 2.3m wide. We will need to know where the radio rack is to be located and how big it is and how big a bench is required and where it is to be located.

After that, the major part of the project, laying the footings and the mast base will be next on the agenda. However, before that Gus will need to partition a piece of land and install the fence and gate and level the site. I will contact him asap to discuss this. Weather will be a determining factor.

Thanks to VK3HEW and XYL for providing afternoon tea.

VK3HJV has posted some photos to the Facebook page and for those not on Facebook I have attached 2 images to the email.

Bearers going in for VK3RSW room
Finished floor