Update from Portland

Report #1            Team visit 17/05/2020

                                VK3HJV; VK3HAQ; VK3FJET; VK3VET

  1. The outside of the container is in good condition. The rear (original) door is welded shut and it was decided not to remove the weld. At the roller door end there is rust damage at the very bottom LHS looking in. This damage is below the level of the floor but it might be prudent to repair it before the new floor is laid. The roof is in good condition.

  2. In a phone call to Gus before we went out, he suggested that we clad the outside rather than patch and paint. We thought that this was a very good suggestion as it will provide an air insulation gap as well as remove the need to patch and paint the exterior. We may be able to source some second hand zinc alum cladding either free (Gus and or VK3LTL). David has suggested using 90*45mm treated pine for batons, cut to length an screwed/bolted to the container to hold the cladding.

  3. David suggested that the roof slope from 200mm down to 100mm across the length/width of the container and again zinc alum the clad. He noted that the slope needs to be either pointing downhill or towards the clad and sealed end of the container.

  4. The old floor has been almost removed. David and Paul did all the hard work, and it was hard, as the flooring was heavy duty ply and screwed into steel bearers. Some of the steel bearers are damaged and rusted away from the support side frame. We will need to put some bracing in to help support the new floor. The new floor will most likely be heavy duty waterproof chipboard. David and I are hopefully heading out there this Friday to finish removal of the floor.

  5. In the preliminary phone call to Gus I mentioned getting the container up the hill when it is ready. He will organise a flat bed tilt tray and is going to take it up the gravel road through his neighbour’s property. This is the road access to the Telstra/Optus set up. He is prepared to cut his fence to allow access for the truck/trailer. This removes the hazard of getting the container up a very steep and slippery hill.

  6. We had some discussions (whilst enjoying the view from the top of the hill) about how the seat and bold the container into position. David had a great suggestion which involves 4 raised concrete pads to sit the container on and bolted or welded lugs to the container which will attach to the pads.

  7. David and I will draw up a materials list this Friday (time permitting) and then we can see how much we can scrounge without spending money.

Denis VK3VET

View from Mt Eckersley