Encouragement for ladies to gain or upgrade from Foundation Licences

ALARA  is the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Group. The Associations mission is to encourage women’s interest and active participation in amateur radio.

We have created a grant scheme to encourage more women and girls to get their amateur radio licence qualifications. This scheme covers approximately half the cost of getting a licence and callsign. It is also available to enable current Foundation Licence holders to upgrade their qualifications to Standard or Advanced.

Full details are available on the ALARA website https://alara.org.au/

The information has already been provided to WIA and Amateur Radio magazine.

I would appreciate it if you would forward this message to assessors and anyone else associated with the AMC who may be in a position to promote the grant scheme.

Linda Luther, VK7QP

President, ALARA

2019 Teagle Excavations A.R.B. Pines Enduro

While the “Workers” braved the elements to give the masses video of the event some just kicked back, relaxed and actually enjoyed themselves.

Ross, VK3KBO cooking up a storm. (Literally)
(Thank you to Denis, VK3VET, for the photo)

Here is a shining example of how to make the best of a poor situation.

The weather did not worry this fella as he just makes the best of it.

Seriously – a very big “Thank You” to ALL who helped out.

Well done and see you next year.

2016 Life Membership.

Back in 2016 during Tim, VK5AV’s term as President Greg, VK5ZGY and Norbert, VK5MQ, were awarded Life Membership of the Group because of their outstanding contribution to the Group over many years.

Although they received their Life Member medallions we forgot to present them with their Life Membership Certificates.

This was remedied for Norbert at last Night’s Business meeting.

Greg, VK5ZGY had already received his. (See earlier post below).

Tim, VK5AV, (President in 2016), presents Norbert, VK5MQ, with his Life Membership Certificate at our August 2019 Meeting.

2019 Life Membership Award.

Every few years the President and the Executive may decide that there is a Club Member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Group.

This year Club President Peter, VK5BE, and the Executive decided that Andrew, VK5KET, was a very worthy candidate for this honour because of his many years of input to the very efficient running of a number of annual events.

Andrew has been the major force behind the running of the Legend of the Lakes Hill Climb for many years as well as the organiser of our involvement with the huge Generations in Jazz Event plus organising events for the kids for J.O.T.A. and J.O.T.I. just to name a few.

Peter is shown presenting a very surprised Andrew with his award Certificate and medallion.

Andrew, VK5KET, receiving his Life Membership Certificate from Club President Peter, VK5BE.